J-Link Upgrade BASE to PLUS (8.08.13)


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Have a J-Link BASE and want to get an upgrade?

The JTAG/SWD debug probe J-Link BASE, with its USB interface increases productivity with the J-Link BASE Upgrade. Already supporting a broad range of microcontrollers, J-Link BASE can already work on multiple CPUs, supporting 8051, PIC32, RX, ARM7/9/11, Cortex-M/R/A, RISC-V with a download speed of up to 1Mbytes. It also has built-in VCOM functionality.

With the J-Link BASE Upgrade, users also get the J-Flash / J-Flash SPI production programming software, Monitor Mode debugging, Unlimited Flash Breakpoints, the Ozone Performance Debugger & Analyzer, and RDI & RDDI support.

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