J-Link PLUS Classic (8.08.28)


Debug Probe

Download Speed to RAM 1.0 MiB/s
Download Into Flash1
GDB Server
Unlimited Flash Breakpoints
✓ Included ✗ Not Included

1 For use from within an IDE

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Additional adapters available here: Debug Adapters

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As you find the 8.08.28 J-Link PLUS Classic of interest, the 8.19.28 J-Link PLUS Compact may also be of interest as this item has the same performance and feature set. The only difference is the smaller form factor.

The software enhanced J-Link PLUS (J-Link+) Classic. Includes a USB cable, and a 20-pin, 0.1″ ribbon cable. Additional adapters (Sold Separately) as required by the target hardware. No power supply required (driven and powered through USB). Includes; the J-Link GDB Server, J-Flash, J-Link RDI/RDDI, J-Link Unlimited Flash Breakpoints.

Supported IDEs (Additional Information)

Includes free software updates and 1 (one) year of email support.

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