SEGGER - RTOS & Embedded Software Solutions

Since 1992, more than 30 years, SEGGER has provided highly efficient software libraries for modern embedded and IoT systems. Whether as individual components or as a complete embedded operating system, emPower OS, SEGGER software serves as a reliable foundation for any embedded software project.

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emPower OS

Embedded OS, software platform for embedded systems and IoT devices.

The emPower OS source software package includes core components (RTOSGUIFile System) and communication software (TCP/IPUSB-DeviceUSB-HostModbus), as well as the IoT ToolkitSecurity and Compression modules serving all software needs of modern embedded industrial and IoT devices. Each component is supplied as source code and can easily be enabled in new projects.

embOS-Ultra (The high-precision RTOS)

embOS-Ultra is a revolutionary RTOS using Cycle-resolution Timing to improve both timing and performance all while reducing energy consumption.

embOS (RTOS)

embOS is a preemptive RTOS designed to be the foundation for developing embedded applications. Now in its 4th decade of continuous use and enhancement. embOS is available for all popular cores, compilers and development tools and has been deployed in several billion devices in a wide range of application areas.

embOS-MPU (RTOS with memory protection)

embOS-MPU’s comprehensive memory protection tightens the security of embedded devices. All tasks are 100% sandboxed, making devices suitable for any safety-critical application.

embOS-Safe (Certified RTOS)

embOS-Safe has been certified in accordance with TÜV SÜD Germany for functional safety. Certification is compliant with IEC 61508 SIL 3, IEC 62304 Class C, and ISO 26262.

emFile (File System)

emFile is a fail-safe file system for embedded systems and applications optimized for minimum memory consumption in RAM and ROM, for high speed, and for versatility.

emNet (TCP/IP Stack)

emNet is an industry-leading dual IPv4/IPv6 TCP/IP stack for embedded systems.

emWin (GUI)

emWin enables the creation of highly efficient GUIs on any embedded system, empowering even resource-constrained microcontroller-based systems to run high-quality interactive user interfaces.

emUSB-Device (USB Device Stack)

emUSB-Device is a high-speed USB-device software stack specifically designed for embedded systems. Written in ANSI C, it can run on any platform. A wide variety of target drivers are readily available.

emUSB-Host (USB Host Stack)

emUSB-Host implements full USB host functionality. This includes external hub support and provides the option for device class drivers. It enables developers to easily add USB host functionality to embedded systems.

emCompress (Compression library)

emCompress offers solutions to compress data of all kinds for embedded applications where size matters.

emCrypt (Cryptographic library)

emCrypt is a secure and efficient implementation of essential cryptographic algorithms specifically designed for embedded systems.

emSSL (TLS Stack)

emSSL is a software library that enables secure connections across the Internet. emSSL offers both client and server capability. SSL/TLS is a must-have in nearly every application which is connected to the Internet. IoT products, smart grid or home automation markets benefit from securing their communication.

emSSH (Secure Shell library)

emSSH is a software library that enables secure login to your embedded system. emSSH offers the possibility to establish a secured connection to any server application in your product. It can be used in target independent native computer applications as well as in embedded targets/applications.