Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are maintained in PDF form and may be downloaded from our the following URL: Terms and Conditions.


We attempt to deliver all ordered products according to their shipping Availability status on the corresponding product page. Please be sure to take this into account when choosing your shipping method at the time of checkout. Please understand we cannot guarantee the processing and delivery schedule as unforeseen circumstances may occur.

Please Note: SEGGER is not responsible for any additional shipping charges; which may include customs, import taxes, and/or additional fees outside the control of SEGGER.

SEGGER's products may not be shipped, distributed, transferred, and/or exported to any prohibited or embargoed country as mentioned in any such U.S. or European Union law or regulation.

How Do I Return an Item?

Return Policy:

A 20% restocking fee (with a minimum of $25) may be subject to a hardware item that is returned. The hardware item being returned needs to be approved for return by SEGGER and must have been purchased within the past 30 days. It must be returned in its original packaging and in a resalable condition.  Software licenses and J-Link BASE to PLUS Upgrades are non refundable.

RMA Policy:

If you believe you have a damaged/faulty hardware unit we will ask that you contact us to request an RMA. Before we can generate an RMA number we will ask that you provide the following information so that we may better assist you in your situation.

  • Hardware unit serial number.
  • A description of the issue.
  • Did the unit work at one time?
  • If so, what was done just before the unit stopped working?
  • How do the LEDs behave?
  • What software module were you using with the hardware unit when the issue occurred?
  • The full log file of the related software capturing the issue.
  • When was the unit purchased and from whom?

If you need assistance in generating any of this information please give us a call. We have a one-year warranty on our hardware. If the unit is within warranty and we believe it requires a return, we will notify you to which address the unit should be returned. We will then repair/replace the damaged unit. If it is determined that the unit is within its warranty period, and is found to be faulty, we will do this free of charge. If it is outside its warranty period, and/or is determined that the damage was a result of user error we will require a replacement fee. Another option would be to take advantage of our Upgrade Policy.

Customer is responsible for all shipping costs if the seller is not at fault.

Upgrade Policy:

If you have a unit that you would like to upgrade to a newer J-Link, J-Trace, or Flasher unit, please visit Trade-In Program to see if it qualifies.

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