J-Link DSK (8.08.29)


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SEGGER 8.08.29 J-Link DSK
Get the J-Link DSK, SEGGER’s Device Support Kit for J-Link / J-Trace.

A new device usually requires a flashloader and in some cases also a script defining special connect and reset sequences, required by the device. While SEGGER maintains the updating of J-Link software with new devices, some devices might be left out in the process. To enable customers filling in the gaps on their own, the J-Link DSK is offered. To make creating support as easy as possible, the J-Link DSK comes with the SEGGER Flash Loader (SFL) as well as a set of example script files for various devices that require special handling.

Further Details

  • Available for most cores currently supported by J-Link
  • Enables ultra high speed programming of devices not yet added to the support database

Device Support Kit for J-Link / J-Trace
Includes 6 months free updates/support (2h)
Company wide license

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