Embedded Studio ARM (20.00.00)


Embedded Studio, IDE
License for ARM, Cortex-M, Cortex-R and Cortex-A based microcontrollers

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SEGGER 20.00.00 Embedded Studio ARM
SEGGER Embedded Studio ARM is a complete C/C++ development system for microcontrollers and microprocessors.

  • Source Code Editor
  • Project System
  • Build System
  • Debugger and Flash Programming
  • Help System
  • Core Simulator
  • Utilities

SEGGER Embedded Studio ARM may be licensed under a number of different license models.

It may be licensed to a J-Link / J-Trace unit. If you currently have a J-Link or J-Trace unit, please select the radio option to enter the serial number below and then enter the serial number in the field provided. The license key will be generated for the corresponding unit. Otherwise, please select the desired J-Link / J-Trace and it will be shipped with the corresponding SEGGER Embedded Studio license.

When SEGGER Embedded Studio is licensed to a J-Link / J-Trace unit, it is licensed for a single user, not limited to a single PC. The license is stored on a J-Link or J-Trace, which then acts as a USB dongle. This allows full usage of SEGGER Embedded Studio on any of your computers (e.g. your PC at work and your notebook at home) by simply plugging in your J-Link.

Other licensing methods are available upon request.

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