Embedded Studio PRO Cortex-A/R (20.50.08)


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SEGGER 20.50.08 Embedded Studio PRO Cortex-A/R
Embedded Studio PRO Cortex-A/R
 is an all-in-one embedded development package. It includes a powerful integrated development environment (Embedded Studio), a complete embedded software suite in object code form, and the industry leading J-Link debug probe or J-Trace streaming trace probe of your choosing. If source code for the RTOS and other embedded software components is desired, please contact SEGGER to learn more about the possibility to upgrade to full source code.

This streamlined package works out-of-the-box. Start programming your application immediately and rely on The Embedded Experts to answer any questions during your development.

Embedded Studio PRO Simply Works!


  • SEGGER Embedded Studio Cortex-A/R (20.00.00)
  • Included Embedded Software (Object Code)
    • embOS (RTOS)
    • emFile PRO (File System)
    • emNet PRO (TCP/IP Stack)
    • emUSB Device PRO (USB Device Stack)
    • emUSB Host PRO (USB Host Stack)
    • emWin PRO (GUI and Graphics Package)
  • Included Hardware
    • J-Link PLUS Compact (8.19.28)
    • 19-Pin Cortex-M Adapter (8.06.00)
    • emPower Evaluation Board (6.30.00)

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