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embOS (1.xx.xx.xx)
embOS (1.xx.xx.xx)
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All processors can be supported.

The kernel is written in "C" and assembly language. It is very efficient and can be ported to any processor for which an ANSI compliant "C"-compiler exists. These are basically all 8, 16 and 32-bit processors. However, one certain restriction applies: There is very little sense in having a real-time operating system for a processor that has a stack-area which is too limited to hold multiple stacks, because in this case the stack would have to be copied every time a task is activated or deactivated thereby limiting the real-time capabilities of the system. This is only the case for very few older, low-end 8-bit processors. We are working on supporting the entire range of 8- and 16- bit as well as certain 32-bit Microcontrollers. If you are interested in a particular processor, please do not hesitate to contact us.

embOS since version 3.06 now includes API call trace even in the free full functional trial version

For various processors the current embOS version is available as full functional trial version and can be downloaded here. All trial versions contain a complete ready to go start project, the users manual and embOSView tool which can also be downloaded separately from our download page.
All new versions of embOS support API- and user-function call trace that can be displayed via embOSView.

Check it out and get your first multi tasking application running within five minutes!

Of course there are some limitations for the trial version: The maximum number of tasks is limited to 3. You are not allowed to use this version in a product. Customer support is not included.

An embOS trial version for each listed processor can be downloaded here

The processor and compiler combinations can be found here (each platform offered separately).

How do we port the system to an other target and test it:

We need a documentation of the CPU/MPU and an overview on all members of that series that shall be supported, an ANSI-compliant "C"-compiler and - preferably - an emulator. The following steps are taken and - if necessary - repeated:

  1. Making sure the documentation of the CPU/MPU is complete
  2. Start of a new project for this processor
  3. Design of a processor board to host the CPU/MPU and interface our test and demonstration hardware
  4. Design of the processor dependent header file
  5. Design of the processor dependent asm file
  6. Writing batch files to automatically build and generate all libraries based on the proven "C"-code
  7. Manual test of the RTOS step by step, debugging
  8. Automated test of the RTOS with a software only
  9. Automated test of the RTOS in the demonstration hardware with complete analysis of result
  10. Writing of documentation
  11. Verification of documentation

Since the system is based on a proven "C"-code, the system is reliable when it has undergone the final testing. This final testing is designed to capture all problems that can possibly occur when porting the system to a new target !

We are porting our OS to more and more targets.

If you are interested in a particular target, please let us know !

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