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SEGGER Microcontroller develops and distributes high-end software components and development tools

RTOS & Embedded Software

SEGGER provides highly efficient software libraries that lay the groundwork for modern embedded systems.

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Flasher ATE Main Module (5.18.01) Flasher ATE Main Module (5.18.01)

ARM/Cortex, Renesas RX, Renesas RL78 and PPC Gang Flash Programmer

Gang programming tool for ARM/Cortex, RX, RL78, and PPC microcontrollers. Flash memory stores the target program and target information for up to ten target devices.

Price: $1,248.00
SEGGER Embedded Studio SEGGER Embedded Studio

SEGGER Embedded Studio

SEGGER Embedded Studio is a complete C/C++ development system.

  • Source Code Editor
  • Project System
  • Build System
  • Debugger and Flash Programming
  • Help System
  • Core Simulator
  • Utilities

J-Link WiFi (8.14.28) J-Link WiFi (8.14.28)

Debug Probe with WiFi Interface

Download Speed to RAM 1.0 MB/s
Download Into Flash1
GDB Server
Unlimited Flash Breakpoints
Included Not Included

1 For use from within an IDE

Price: $998.00

The Embedded Experts

SEGGER Microcontroller is a full-range supplier of software, hardware and development tools for embedded systems. The company offers support throughout the whole development process with affordable, high quality, flexible and easy-to-use tools and components.