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Graphic Package and GUI (emWin)
One of the most challenging aspects of many development projects is designing an attractive and useful display. Besides creating images that look exactly how you want them to appear, the implementation of windows techniques, complex drawing routines, different fonts and flicker-free updates are also expected.

The developer has to implement this complex functionality in short time periods, which can take up to months or even years of development time. emWin, probably the most efficient and comprehensive embedded GUI packages available, helps developers beat their timelines and cut their development costs. It is written in ANSI "C" and supports any black and white, grayscale or color display. Drivers for most common LCD controllers are available. All types of graphical displays (STN-LCD, TFT, CRT, OLED, Plasma, ...) are supported.

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emWin PRO (3.50.04) emWin VNC Server (3.01.04) emWin Font Converter (3.04.00)
emWin VNC Server (3.01.04)
Price: $1,900.00 Source Code
Professional Graphics Package
Complete graphic package which includes a bundle of our most popular components at a reduced price:
  • emWin BASIC Color
  • emWin Window Manager/Widgets
  • emWin Memory Devices
  • emWin Antialiasing
  • emWin LCD Driver (one driver selected from our list of available emWin drivers)
VNC Server Font Converter (Executable)
  • Converts any Windows font (True type, Type1 or Raster) into emWin ANSI "C" format
  • Single executable license (SEL)
  • May only be installed on one PC

emWin Custom Solution

The Custom Solution permits you to build a graphics solution from all of our available emWin components. Thereby including, or excluding modules as necessary for your end application.