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SEGGER emFile (File System)

Embedded File System (emFile)
emFile is an embedded file system which can be used with any type of storage device. emFile is a high performance library that has been optimized for; minimum memory consumption in RAM and ROM, high speed, and versatility. It is written in ANSI-"C" and can be used on any CPU.

Two versions of this embedded file system are available. Depending on your application needs; a Microsoft Windows compatible version which extends a FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file system to your embedded application is available, as well as a proprietary file system designed specifically for embedded devices. Both implementations of emFile make use of the same upper layer API which is similar to the standard "C" I/O API (stdio.h).

emFile has been designed to cooperate with any kind of embedded system and storage device. To use a specific medium with emFile, a device driver for that medium is required. Device drivers are available for most common mediums. If you do not find your device on our supported list please let us know and in most cases we can develop the driver for you.

"SEGGER embOS is implemented on each and every electronics control system in the Forze III hydrogen racing kart. During testing and racing, sensordata is vital to gain knowledge about the karts performance. Using emFile, we were able to log all of our sensor data on an SD card. For the live feed to the pit, we needed a telemetrics system. Using embOS/IP made it possible to develop such a system on short notice, while guaranteeing reliability." Koen Lubbers, Greenchoice Forze

"Using SEGGER's products has been a great move for our firmware. SEGGER's product reliability and support have substantially facilitated our firmware development." Jason Schlessmann, adidas Wearable Sports Electronics, U.S.A.

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emFile Encryption Extra Strong (2.05.01) emFile Encryption Extra Strong (2.05.01)

Encryption Layer

  • Adds encryption to either the emFile FAT Bundle or the emFile EFS Bundle
  • 128-bit AES and 256-bit AES
  • emFile Encryption (Model 2.05.00) Required
  • Used to encrypt contents of data storage
  • Please Note:Export Regulation Apply.

emFile Encryption Extra Strong
emFile PRO (2.50.04) emFile PRO (2.50.04)

Professional File System
Complete embedded File System package which includes a bundle of our most popular components at a reduced price:

  • emFile FAT Bundle
  • emFile Universal NAND Flash
  • emFile CompactFlash/IDE
  • emFile Multimedia/SDcard
  • emFile NOR Flash Memory
  • emFile FAT LFN Module

File System
emFile Journaling Layer (2.00.05) emFile Journaling Layer (2.00.05)

Journaling Layer

  • Adds journaling to either the emFile FAT Bundle or the emFile EFS Bundle
  • emFile Bundle (Model 2.00.01, or 2.00.02) Required
  • Journaled File System (JFS)

emFile Journaling

emFile Custom Solution

The Custom Solution permits you to build a file system from all of our available emFile components. Thereby including, or excluding modules as necessary for your end application.